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The Ralph Rant

Finally, Election Day
Ralph Bristol
August 7, 2014

 Politics turns more friends into enemies than any other institution on earth.

 Politics causes people to publicly challenge each other’s integrity, their patriotism, their hearts, their minds, even their souls. I hope it’s worth it. The stakes could be as high as the survival of a nation – or they could be as petty and selfish as keeping or gaining power, fame and fortune.

I wonder sometimes if the ugliness of politics is worth it even if it is for the survival of the nation. I know for sure it’s not worth it to propel one party or another or one person or another into a position of power.

I don’t harbor the illusion that mankind will one day collectively ascend into a more enlightened state in which everyone simply seeks the truth about what government policies will produce the most freedom, happiness, peace, health and prosperity for all, but I’ll never quit yearning for it.

So, I’ll never quit yearning for Election Day, not because it is the culmination of a grand and glorious exercise in freedom and democracy, to be appreciated, exercised and celebrated as a victory over oppression. Rather, I celebrate Election Day as the all too temporary end of a shrill cacophony of chaotic chatter that replaces, distorts and excludes, rather than fosters, anything resembling serious debate over critical issues that will decide the future of the country.

Sen. Lamar Alexander is wrong about a lot of things, but he’s right about one thing. The closer you get to Election Day, the less you can believe. He made that statement in a robo-call recorded on Tuesday. He proved it in the same robo-call when he said he got an “A” rating from the NRA (he got and A-minus) and when said he voted last yeat to end amnesty (he did the opposite.)

Tomorrow, we’ll either celebrate our victories or agonize over our defeats, or both. Then, maybe – just maybe – we can get back to seriously debating the right policies for our country, and the ugliness of another primary campaign season can begin to wear off.

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