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The Ralph Rant

Lamar should debate Carr on immigration
Ralph Bristol
July 8, 2014

It’s common campaign fare for underdog challengers to challenge the incumbent and for the incumbent to decline – to play it safe and not risk his presumed lead. I think this election is different, and there’s a compelling interest for the public to see Sen. Lamar Alexander and Rep. Joe Carr debate at least one issue – illegal immigration.

 Joe Carr has been an illegal immigration “hawk” for years. His signature legislation – which is now Tennessee law - was a package of bills designed to make illegal immigration to Tennessee uniquely unappealing.

 Lamar Alexander is an illegal immigration “dove.” He supported the Senate bill that would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants – something Carr and other illegal immigration hawks call “amnesty.”

 The country is in the midst of a new illegal immigration crisis involving tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and mothers with children crossing the southern border of Texas after travelling from their home countries in Central America, through Mexico. The crisis is playing out just before Tennessee voters go to the polls to decide between Alexander and Carr.

 I believe Tennessee voters deserve a chance to hear Sen. Alexander and Rep. Carr debate this front-burner issue before they go to the polls one month from now. Whether it’s in a series of town hall meetings, as has proposed, or a TV or radio debate or debates, it’s something that voters deserve to hear before they cast a vote in the August 7th primary.

 I’d like to hear them debate other issues too, but this issue is uniquely timely and critical to the nation.

 Sen. Alexander won't care what I think about this, but he might care what you think. Do you think he should debate Joe Carr on the subject of illegal immigration.

 If so, please tell him so. He says you can find him walking down the street.

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